Today's Devotion (Sunday)


Watch Your Counsel

JOB 22:21-31

Key Verse:

"Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee" (Job 22:21).

Sometimes, what we consider well intentioned are unhelpful to people facing challenges. This was the failing of Job’s friends. They took turns to speak to him. They were pained by his condition but they misdiagnosed the source of his woes. All three visiting friends spoke as if Job was receiving punishment for his sins. Indeed, they made a lot of sense in their utterances, but the problem was the application of their words. But if indeed you have not truly repented, Eliphaz’s counsel is timely: "Äcquaint now thyself with him..." The significant thing concerning the twisted view of friends is that they did not know the true way of God to which they exhorted Job to return. They had created religious beliefs after the society in which they lived. Their theology had been formed by their culture, but Job’s had been patterned after the will of God. In contemporary times, many people make a grievous mistake of pointing others to repentance, an experience they themselves have not tasted. The lesson in Eliphaz’s admonition to Job is that those who come calling for repentance must know the law of God. They must be able to separate their tradition from His law. The question is, as a professing believer, do you know the God to whom you point others? Job knew the God he served; we must also know the true God whom we serve, and resist any one who tries to intimidate us to conform to a system of strange religious traditions.

Thought for the day: Any doctrine that is not of the Son of God will ultimately lead to disappointment.

Bible Reading in one Year: 2 KINGS 22-23

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