Today's Devotion (Thursday)

Avoid Hasty Conclusion

JOB 22:1-20

Key Verse:

"Can a man be profitable unto God, as he that is wise may be profitable unto himself?" (Job 22:2).

Somebody once said: "When you’re forming your opinions, do it carefully – go slow; hasty judgments are often followed by regretting – that I know." This was what Eliphaz, Job’s friend, never realized, as he jumped into wrong conclusions about Job. At first, he felt that Job was engrossed with thoughts that God had unjustly afflicted him, which unfortunately, was far from what Job had in mind. Sadly too, he brought barrels of charges against Job, which never had any substance, except that Job was afflicted. He clearly stated that Job was being punished because of his evil deeds, which was absolutely false because Job, as the Scripture noted, was a good and honest man. He accused Job of oppression, saying that he overlooked the challenges of the poor and widows in the time of his prosperity. Some rich men, who do not know Christ, could be guilty of these charges, but that was not the situation with Job. This, however, should be a warning to everybody to avoid wrong assumptions and accusations, especially when we do not have any evidence. Assumption, in itself could be sin, as the Scripture states that a fool would not take delight in understanding, but only in revealing his own opinion (Proverbs 18:2). So, let us be careful in jumping to conclusions, even when things appear to be apparently certain. Such assumptions can sometimes attract God’s wrath and condemnation. Let us also mark the evil way, which the wicked trod and how they ended. This is a warning to every heaven-bound citizen. However, if the wicked are consumed by their evil acts, we should not rejoice at their calamity.

Thought for the day: Avoid assumptions because it can lead to damnation.

Bible Reading in one Year: ECCLESIASTES 8-12

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