Today's Devotion (Tuesday)

Let It Shine!

LUKE 11:29-36

Key Verse:

"Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness" (Luke 11:35).

Jesus drew appropriate lessons from prophet Jonah’s experience in Nineveh. The sign that was given through Jonah was his deliverance from the belly of the whale after he had been there for three days. In the same vein, the sign of Jesus’ resurrection after three days in the tomb would be the signal to His generation that He was indeed from God. Jesus also talked about the Queen of the South who sought Solomon’s wisdom. Now, Jesus says He is greater than both, and deserves greater attention and honour. He warned therefore that the generations of Jonah and the Queen of the South would rise in judgment against those rejecting His message. Jesus also talked about the light of the body. He illustrated this with God’s true moral light that had come into the world through Him. However, only those who have an unprejudiced and pure heart are able to see this revelation from God. They are able to see because they are humble in heart. One’s reaction to the light is proof of whether one’s heart is either full of light or darkness, for or against Him. Today, we should reflect on the redemptive work of Jesus on the Cross at Calvary. We should soberly reflect on the light He brought into the world. Having received the Word, we must continue to walk in it and allow our light to shine to illuminate the path of others to the glory of God.

Thought for the day: No man ever enjoys dominion whose spiritual eye is darkened.

Bible Reading in one Year: ECCLESIASTES 1-3

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