Today's Devotion (Monday)

Use It Well

PROVERBS 11:22-31

Key Verse:

"As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion" (Proverbs 11:22).

The way we make use of a thing is determined by the value we place on it. Precious things are usually put into very special and careful use. What we use it for must match its worth. It is a show of lack of wisdom and discretion when a substance of high and esteemed value is thrown into the mud! The passage for meditation calls us to a wise and discretional use of our precious possessions. As it is foolish to put a jewel of gold in the snout of a pig, so is it a lack of discretion when we fail to realise the value of our gifts and possessions and so use them in the wrong way and for the wrong purpose. A beautiful woman who flirts around shows lack of proper understanding of the worth of her life and beauty. The same is true of an individual who holds on tenaciously and selfishly to his wealth or possessions thinking that, by so doing, he would preserve or increase them. Hoarding our gifts, riches, knowledge and other possessions reveal that we lack understanding and wisdom. Life is a precious and beautiful gift. So are all the other gifts and possessions that come with it. If we truly understand the worth of our lives and other possessions and place the right value on them – be they beauty, gifts, talents, riches, knowledge or any other possession - we will make efforts to use them for God’s glory and the good of our fellow men. It is as we use them this way that they will abound the more. Besides, God will reward us on earth and in heaven if we use our gifts and possessions for His glory.

Thought for the day: An enriching life always gives!

Bible Reading in one Year: JOB 17-20

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