THE DEVIL’S SERMON by Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan (MFM A.G.O)



SERMON by Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan (A.G.O)

Anchored Scripture: Genesis 3:1-5, 7, 1 Timothy 4:1, Romans 12:2, 1 John 1:9, Isaiah 1:18-19, Galatians 1:13, 1 Timothy 6:9, Hebrews 10:8-9, John 16:30


As we pursue our agenda for this year declared by our father in the Lord, that this year is our year of spiritual revival and new glory. We are looking at this very important topic which I believe is going to be a blessing to we all this morning.

It is titled ‘the devil’s sermon’. I want you to see yourself in a school or in a class in this teaching today.

The first point is this:

 The devil is a good preacher. A very very good preacher. The most interesting thing about the devil’s sermon is that the devil preaches from the Bible. He uses the Bible as his own text book. As you’re going to see from the word of God. Remember when he came to Jesus after Jesus had fasted and prayed for forty days. One should not expect the devil should appear to him after fasting and praying. How can you pray and fast for forty days and the person that appears to you is the devil? When the devil appeared to him, he was taking his sermon from the Bible. ‘Is it not written that He shall give His angels charge over you?Thank God Jesus knew the word and He also responded to him, ‘it is written’.





There are two people whoo are always interpreting the Bible to you, the devil and the Holy Ghost. When you allow the devil to interpret the Bible to you, it is to trap your soul.

The first sermon the devil preached to a woman was in the garden of Eden. Who is that person the devil fear most between Adam and Eve? Many people will say it is Adam. The devil fears the woman more than the man. Adam had been in the garden for many years but the devil didn’t face him. How can you face a strong man except you bind the strong man? If a thief will come to steal, his objective is to attack the strongest person first. The devil is a huge strategist.

They use to say that men rule the world but women rule the men that rule the world. And that is why when Jesus was going, the power of heaven and on earth, he gave it to the woman (his wife, the church).

The devil preached the first sermon in Genesis 3:1-5

He was simply quoting the same thing that God said to the man and to the woman.

All of a sudden, when they followed the sermon of the devil, their nakedness appeared. Nakedness is a sign of shame.

The power that wants to naked you, before you leave this church today, they shall be openly disgraced today in the name of Jesus!

The devil is a good preacher and that is a fact that cannot be faulted. The devil preached to billions of angels, and they followed him to fight against God.

Billions of people are in hell fire today because they believed the sermon of the devil

If you swallow the fruit of satan, it would not only trouble your stomach but it will reveal your nakedness.

There are Three major tools the enemy uses to promote his sermon:

Suggestion. He will suggest something to you, why did you do this? why did you do that?

Persuasion. He will not drag you to do it, he will just persuade you to accept what he say. Just like Delilah persuaded Samson and she eventually caught him. It is the tool of San to promote his evil sermon.

Deception. Another word for deception is ‘twisted truth’. He will either add to it and turn it to something else. He twisted the word of God to Eve. God is very self to say that, you will not die. The day you eat this fruit, you will be like God. When truth are twisted, it will lead to error.




You look at these three tools, they have to do with the mind. These tools target the mind. When your mind is not renewed, the devil will catch you very easily. Your mind is an access root to your life. That is why the Bible says we should be transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2Open in Logos Bible Software (if available)). Meaning that you’re going to experience transformation. Your mind is a target for the devil. The Bible now went much more deeper by telling us that the devil have doctrines.

In 1 Timothy 4:1, It is part of the signs of the last days that many shall listen to the sermons of the devil. There are so many doctrines of the devil in our midst now. A doctrine is a set of believe held and taught at a gathering. It is a rule of law guiding an organization. A doctrine is a kind of teaching that molds a man’s life, it molds your character and behavior. In other words, the doctrines that you accept, you will believe.

In many churches today, people are promoting satanic doctrines.


There is something that someone said to me about a church. You want to be rich successful. Just buy 2 bottles of cokes. They pour it on your head. They now bath themselves with cokes and Fanta.

There is one church in Abuja now. They will print the picture of the pastor on people’s pants. They will tell them to put it on and for those looking for husband, they put it on and men will rush after them. It is the doctrine of the devil.

There is a church in this Lagos, once you wear their uniform, you must not talk until you get back home.

Those days I use to board molue. One man from that church entered the molue vehicle. One area boy knew that this man doesn’t talk. He (the area boy) started pushing him and punching him. He still didn’t talk but he was murmuring. It is the doctrine of the devil.

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Through knowledge, the righteous shall be delivered. Jesus told us that you shall know the truth and it shall set you free. Truth is a personality, it is the knowledge of truth that will prevent you from accepting the devil’s sermons. Satan doesn’t tell lies, he makes lies, he creates lies. Jesus referred to him as the father of lies.

The creator, the one that maketh lies. He’s the father of all lies. All these sermons of the devil, no matter how sweet and nice it appears, they are rooted in lies.

The sad thing is this, many sons and daughters in the kingdom, unfortunately, they are rooted in the devil’s sermons.

Some of the commonest lies the devil preaches to people are:

1. He preaches to people that their sins are too many and because of that, God cannot forgive you. It is a big lie. You must not accept this sermon of the devil. The Bible says there is nothing new under heaven. There is no sin that anyone is committing now that wasn’t recorded in the Bible. No matter how terrible that sin is, it can be forgiven. The big sin can receive God’s forgiveness. I John 1:9. You can trust God on this particular matter, He will not disappoint you. You can receive forgiveness. Don’t allow the devil to tell you a lie. Don’t accept the devil’s sermon.


We went to a brother and as we were talking to him. He said look, look, just leave me alone. If you know what I’ve done, God cannot forgive me. Just let’s continue the way we have down. He said I don’t think that God can forgive me. I’m a very wicked person. I’ve done terrible things. Tell us what have you done, he said don’t worry. I said to him to look at the book of Isaiah 1:18-19. It was this scripture that watered down his soul. He said 18 years ago, he was looking for power and influence. He went somewhere and they told him that he should bring sacrifice so that it would be performed. They said he will need to bring a six day old baby, then after they will tell him what to do. He began searching and eventually got one. For him to be able to steal this baby, he eventually killed the mother of this baby. He said right in front of him, they brought out a mortar and put some leaves in it and they put the baby inside and asked him to start pounding it. You see that is a wicked man. But according to the Bible, if he confessed, though it looks terrible, God said He will forgive.

For God to forgive your sins, there are four steps to take:

1. Acknowledge that you’re guilty. That you’ve wronged the Almighty God.

2.  You must confess your sins before God. Don’t generalize the sin, you must mention it one by one.

3. Repentance, you must turn away from that sin.

4. Believe. Believe that you’ve been forgiven. You must also forgive those who have wronged you.

No matter what must have been done, the blood of Jesus Christ is powerful to wash away your sins.

2. God cannot use you because of your past failure. That is a big lie. It is only the devil that God can never use anymore. As long as you’re breathing, God can use you. When Paul was talking about his past in Galatians 1:13, despite that, God used him. Peter failed Jesus three times, but the same peter was used to the extent that his shadow was chasing out demons. Your past failures may slow you down but they cannot stop your destiny. God is much more interested in where He is taking you to compared to where you’re coming from. No matter what the devil is saying about your past, God can use you. If God can use the jaw bone of an ass in front of Samson, He can use you.

If God can use a prostitutes to save the spies, then He can use you. If you begin to read the heroes of faith, the name of that prostitute is there. If God can use a doubting Thomas, then God can use you. If God can use peter whom Jesus said to, ‘get thee behind me satan’, then He can use you. For God to use you, he’s not looking for your ability, He is looking for your availability.

Your willingness to surrender to the master will make you a candidate of His vessel. You don’t have to be shorter, taller, fatter, thinner for God to use you. Saul the king was a tall man, God used him. Elisha was a bald man but God used him. What am I saying? No matter your past failure, God can still use you. Don’t swallow the sermon of the devil.

3. Another popular sermon the devil is using is religion will connect you to God. God didn’t create religion, the devil used it. Christianity is not religion, it’s about a person who came to die for our sin and He’s is interceding for us at the right hand of His father in Heaven. Religion has killed more people than any other thing. Jesus declared woe upon many who attach themselves to religion.

The worst thing that can happen to a person is to make a religion out of Christianity. Being in church and not in Christ is religion. Carrying the Bible in your hand but the word of that bible is not in your life, you’re simply carrying the religion. Obeying successful rules but no transformation of lives, you’re a religious person. Believing more in the anointing oil than the word of God, you’re a religious person. All those things will fade away but the only thing that will not pass away is the word of God. Having tittles but no mantle is carrying religion. Bearing a Christian name but not living the life of Christ is religion. God hates religion and religion will not connect you to God.

4. When you have money, 99% of your problem has been solved. We have so many people who are running after money, when you see people like that, be careful. 1 Timothy 6:9. Those who wants to be rich, when your heart is always thinking about money, your heart is going. The most important thing in life is your relationship with Jesus. It is when you have the kingdom, you will have peace with God.

5. He preaches to people that all what they need to enter heaven is to be nice to people. Jesus categorically said except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. If you’re not born again, you cannot enter. You must be born of the water which is the word of God, and the spirit which is the Holy Ghost. The Bible says that all our righteousness is like a filthy rag. You read about the man Cornelius, the Bible said he gives alms, he fasted, God said to peter, that he must preach to Cornelius.

6. Another popular sermon of the devil is that heaven help those who help themselves. You will never find such doctrine in the Bible.

It is because of these foolish sermons that people believed that the devil used to capture their soul. Heaven helps those who cannot help themselves. Don’t swallow the lies of the devil.

7. Once saved is permanently saved. You can loose your salvation if you’re not careful. Hebrews 10:8-9. To draw up is to draw back to perdition. Judas was once save but lost his salvation. Annanais is and Sapphira was once saved but they lost their salvation.

I know that there is someone here today, although you claim to be saved, but you have lost it. The most precious thing in your life is your salvation. More precious than your husband, more precious than your wife. The unfortunate thing is this, a lot of people give their lives to Christ on Sundays, but they lose it back on Monday.

Don’t let the devil deceive you, don’t listen to his sermon.

8. He says that heaven and hell are here on earth. It is a big lie from the devil. Heaven is a place, hell fire is also a place. Jesus said I will go and prepare a place for you, I’ll come back and take you there. No matter the level of your suffering and affliction you’re going through now, it can never be compared to hell. Hell is the full manifestation of the undiluted anger of God, that is what we call ‘hell’. That is why you and I must not plan to go there. We have a great opportunity.

The truth is this, if you decide that you’re not going to hell, demons and evil forces can do nothing to drag you there. God created that place for the devil and his demons.

Going to hell fire is a choice. You cannot just by chance find your self in heaven, work out your salvation with fear and tremble.

I’m praying for all of us here, including myself: that anything in our lives that pulling us towards hell; today they shall die in the name of Jesus!


In conclusion, what is the way out, Jesus gave us the answer in John 16:30 to fight against the sermon of hell:

 You must have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. It is to have a strong link with the Holy Spirit. You receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, pray to be overshadowed with the spirit of God. If you’re in this sermon and you know that you don’t have the Holy Spirit, you’re putting your destiny in danger.

I pray: when the trumpet will sound, when names shall be called, when the book shall be opened, you and I; I pray by the power of the Holy Ghost, by the mercies of God, by the blood of Jesus, we shall not be absent in the name of Jesus!

Those who are in heaven now, they do not have two heads. The same blood of Jesus that cleanses and washed away sins was available for them and is available for you. The assignment of satan, what he carried out in the life of eve and Adam to naked their life, the assignment of satan to naked your life and connect you to everlasting shame, that assignment is destroyed in the name of Jesus!

Rise up now and close your eyes, bow your head. Speak to the Lord. Begin to talk to the Lord. Begin to reject the sermon of the devil, ‘I reject them out of my life’, speak to the Lord now.


It says, thou anointed my head with oil and my cup runneth over. Your head is the symbol of your destiny, your head carries the oil that will elevate your life, your head is what paves the way, your head is the target of your enemies. Your head is what God wants to elevate. With a very loud shout, say this and let your voice roar like thunder:

1 Grab your head with your two hands: The glory of my head, where are you? manifest by fire in the name of Jesus!

2 The cage of bewitchment caging my head, break in the name of Jesus!

The Bible says ‘these are the horns that scattereth Judah so that no one can lift up their head’, with a loud shout:

3 Every horn of darkness attacking my head, catch fire in the name of Jesus!

4. Battles of ‘you shall not have peace’, before I leave this church today, expire in the name of Jesus!

5. Arrow of deception fired into my life, get out now in the name of Jesus!

6. Every power dragging me closer to perdition, release me now in the name of Jesus!

It is the power of the Holy Ghost that can rescues you from the devil sermon. As you pray this prayer, the power of God will fall upon you and all impossibility will become possibility:

7. Power of the Holy Ghost, overshadow my life in the name of Jesus!


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