SCRIPTURE: Psalm 119:18


For these past few weeks I have been telling you that as a believer, you must receive the mystery of opened eyes and I explained to you about the spiritual realm. There is a realm beyond the one we are seeing now, which is the realm of the spirit and we should key into that realm.

This prayer of the psalmist is strange and deep because the psalmist was not blind, but he said "open thou my eyes that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law". We need to cry to the Lord like that too. "Open thou my eyes!" To see what?

1. The secret of who I am. To see yourself, because if you do not know who you are, you are a failure.


2. The secret of my ancestry, because your parentage will determine the battle you fight. Many of us are struggling now, not because we have caused any problem, but because our ancestors acquired battles, then left them to us to start fighting. Many are in trouble now because they are battling the struggles that their parents left for them.

That is why I am praying this prayer now and I want your ten-fold Amen to be the loudest here:

•••> Any generational liability troubling your destiny shall die now, in the name of Jesus.

3. The secret of the enemy I am facing.

4. The secret of my own destiny. So you can see the value of that prayer. There are so many things we need to see.

5. The secret behind what I am doing as a job or as a career.

6. That I may see where to throw my net in the ocean of life, so I can catch the correct fish. If you do not know where to throw your net in the ocean of life, you will crawl unknown into an unknown grave; because you will not get anything to work for you.

7. When the role of somebody in my destiny is over, so I can let the person go.

8. The secret of the horse of my destiny. The Bible says "I have seen servants on horses while the owners are trekking". 

•••> I am praying for somebody here that every servant that has taken over the horse of your destiny must somersault and depart, in the name of Jesus.

9. That I may know my correct position in life.

10. Who to marry and who not to marry. The decision of who to marry and who not to marry decides ninety percent of your success. So if you are a young person, you are here and it is on the basis of getting a wife or husband you begin to see clearly and hear, it is worth it.

11. The secret behind any challenge that I face; because all challenges have secrets.

12. That I may behold wondrous things in the spirit realm. There are many wonderful things in the spirit realm that God wants to reveal to us, but if your eyes are not opened, you will not see them.

13. That I will not longer see human beings after the flesh alone. Let me see them for who they really are. The blunt truth is that there are many moving around us, walking with us but who are not humans like us. You may not realise it, but if you are able to see, you will know that when such people provoke you, you do not talk back because they are not humans. But if you cannot see, you begin to talk and you open your life to attacks.


14. That I may discover the hole in the wall that will reveal the secrets of my enemies. You see into their secrets.

15. To see into my future like Joseph did. Joseph saw into his future, and so he knew that he was not going to die in that pit, he knew that he would not finish up in Potiphar's house, and he knew that he would not die in that prison. He saw his future. 

16. That I may behold the mysteries of God. The closer you are to God, the better for you.

17. That I may see the agents of my promotion and elevation.

18. That I may see the veil covering unfriendly friends. Do you now see how deep and important this prayer is? It is one prayer point that can take care of two thousand prayer points. 

19. To enable me to know those who are adding to me and those who are subtracting from me. That sugar daddy is subtracting from you. Those things you are doing that you think nobody is seeing you are just subtracting from you.

20. To behold my destiny ladder. The kind of ladder that Jacob saw.

21. To discover my destiny helpers. You know this is a strange world. Do you know some people actually prepare battles and warfare to fight their Moses? They are fighting the Moses that will help them, that God has raised to bail them out of their woes; they wage war against the person until the person leaves them alone or just abandons them.

I am praying that any power that wants to blind you from your destiny helpers, they must die this morning in the name of Jesus! (A seven fold amen).

22. To locate my angels of breakthroughs; to be able to see them. You become somebody like Abraham who when he saw the messengers from heaven, he recognised them even when they did not talk. He knew they were agents from heaven. So he began to entertain them.

23. To become a member of the executive club of God, just like Elisha. 

24. To see into the conspiracy of darkness.

25. To see the future and position of my nation.

26. To see the position and future of my family. 

27. To see the origin of my battles.

28. The warehouse of the strongman and where they are keeping my stolen blessings.

29. My hidden virtues.

30.  To discover my destiny thieves.

I think I want to stop here. The point I am trying to make, by going through this with you is for you to know the importance of that key prayer point: O God arise and open my eyes! It is a very powerful prayer point indeed. 

Now, if you have been coming to MFM for a while, maybe even just one year and yet you cannot pray by yourself, you cannot hear from heaven by yourself and you are going from one vigil to the other, one mountain to the other, you are consulting with one prophet or the other, and you have those who you are calling when you have an issue to pray for you, to tell you what God is saying when you are a child of God yourself,

You have some papas and mamas that you call, you fail to understand the teachings of do-it-yourself that we teach you people here, roaming around here and there, then I feel so sorry for you. You do not really know why God brought you to MFM. If you are like that, going here and there not caring about the origin of where you are going, not knowing anything about the said Man of God, you follow friends around from place to place praying everywhere, then let me make you understand. 

There is a simple explanation. It is that you are becoming a deficit to heaven, an embarrassment to salvation, and a disgrace to holiness; that God is abandoning you and is going to a prophet somewhere in one village to talk to him about your life. I know there are many mountain people here but since you have been roaming around, what have you got? After all the running around and you now acquire more problems, you run back to Prayer City. Does that make any sense?

If you are not an independent believer like this and you say you are coming here, then you are a bad business to heaven. You are just a provoker of your angels. You are exposing yourself and your family to danger.

Those covens did not know your situation before you went and told them with your mouth in the name of consulting from here to there. You are a disgrace to heaven. Are you not ashamed of saying "I called one pastor to pray for me"?

Your son or daughter wants to marry and you are taking the name of both the son and daughter to different prophets, you are a disgrace. You are circulating the name of your children among prophets when they do not even know them before, you gave them names. So, they now go into their crystal balls and see the destiny and say "wow! What a glorious child. We must collect this". So, you put yourself into danger simply because you are too lazy to pray.

You are too lazy to go through the procedure to learn the things of God. You want a microwave God and God does not operate microwave machines. The way God operates is simple: line upon line, precept upon precepts. But many people are not patient to just develop themselves. They want quick things and so they go around doing all kinds of strange things. You are the one hiring a lawyer against yourself in the spirit realm.

When you do this, you make yourself a target for satanic powers and you make God a liar. And if you have some strange friends who will tell you "is it everything they say you must believe? Try other things." There is nothing else to try out apart from what we are teaching here. There is nothing better than becoming your own prophet. When you roam around like butterfly or mosquito, you make your God a liar. You push away your warrior angels and you start to initiate the sharing of your virtues.

You endanger the life of your family and you now become a rolling stone that gathers no moss. You attract to yourself destiny thieves, exposing your destiny to danger and thereby bringing very great sadness to heaven, because heavens see you as a spiritual dwarf.

And by those activities, you are actually killing your inner prophet. If God opens your eyes, you find out that those people you are running to, to pray for you are even on a lower spiritual level than you and then you put your descending and ascending angels in disarray; because your spiritual eyes are not opened.


This is why this prayer is a very serious prayer. If you pray it for one hour nonstop, it is worth it.

Can you raise up your voices like fire and thunder:

•••> O God arise, open my eyes, in the name of Jesus.


1. (Raise up your two hands and shout this loud and clear) Powers assigned to scatter the table God has set for me, die in the name of Jesus. 

2. My Father, give me divine dreams that will change my story, in the name of Jesus. 

3. O God arise, remove spiritual cataract from my eyes, in the name of Jesus. 

4. Dream polluting demons, clear away, in the name of Jesus. 

5. Powers challenging my destiny dreams, I bury you now, in the name of Jesus. 

6. Angels of revelation, visit my dream life, in the name of Jesus. 

7. My Father, my Father, my Father, defend your interest in my life, in the name of Jesus.

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SOURCE: MFMhdqrs SUNDAY WORSHIP SERVICE/ Dr D.K Olukoya (General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministries Worldwide)


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